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Personal Viewing Tours

Whilst we hope that our Personal Exhibitions, together with your discussions with us will give you a comprehensive understanding of the property opportunities available in the scenic Marina Alta region (Northern Costa Blanca), we strongly recommend that you arrange through ourselves a Personal Viewing visit.

Our Personal Viewing visits will give you and your spouse/partner first hand experience of the region and the developments currently available to prospective purchasers. You should allow at least 3 days for these visits, however if you anticipate wishing to view all of the developments that we have available, this is more likely to involve 4/5 days.

Please note that in recommending Personal Viewing visits of 3-5 days, we encourage our clients to take time out to relax and enjoy the trip, thereby giving you the confidence that any decisions taken are made in the right frame of mind.

During the course of the Viewing visits, we will introduce you to the developers which we represent and with whom you can discuss more fully your potential requirements, visit similar properties and look at specific sites, which may be of interest to you. Time will be available to revisit sites/properties as you become more familiar with the various developments and those which most suit your requirements, budgeted spend.

Should you identify specific sites or properties which are of interest to you, in order to hold these sites/properties a non refundable deposit will be required by the developer (Reservation Contract). These deposits will be in the region of 2-4000, depending on the cost and type of site/property involved. In the event that you subsequently decide not to proceed, the deposit will not be refundable.

Discussions with both the developer and ourselves will help to indicate the degree of interest in the sites/properties you are interested and whether delay in signing a Reservation contract (+ non refundable deposit), could result in the specific site/property being sold to another party.

Ideally, making the decision to purchase is best done back home in the `cold light of day', however if the development is proving popular, you may find that your first choice is no longer available to you.

During the course of your visit and where you find a site/property of interest, we can also arrange to introduce you to Legal/Fiscal Representatives, banking/financing representatives.

At no time during these Viewing visits will we be applying any strong sales pressure - we are confident that those clients seriously interested in purchasing property will find that what we and the developers have to offer will be of interest.

Should you be interested in acquiring your 'heavenly home' please contact Anthea Campbell at 028 9145 5178 for further information - other than the cost of a phone call it costs nothing to enquire!

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Fax: 028 9145 5178 Mobile: 07802 928661

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