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Property Rental Options

Location is always a critical issue when you are considering purchasing property overseas, whether as your new permanent home, a second holiday home or as investment property. Location becomes even more important if you are contemplating the property as a long term investment with potential rental income an important aspect in your deliberations.

In many instances the Marina Alta region (Northern Costa Blanca) enjoys good rental potential, however before deciding on which property/location you should research the rental market in terms of demand/weekly tariffs and facilities required. Whilst your own personal requirements re property/location and facilities will be a significant consideration, if the rental market is to be contemplated then you should note the following:

  • Location - properties located directly in towns may benefit from closer access to beaches and taxis, however they may suffer from higher noise levels than developments on the outskirts of towns/villages but where your own transport may be required. Another aspect in considering location will be the availability of amenities, such as beaches, golf, tennis courts, horse riding etc). It is also worth considering proximity to the larger tourism attractions (eg theme parks, water parks, zoos/wildlife parks etc).

  • Accessibility - covering both general access to the immediate area (eg nearest airports) and also accessibility within the development (eg flatter plots will suit more potential renters eg families with young children to older couples).

  • Facilities - apart from the accommodation (bedrooms), the number of bathrooms and use of private swimming pools will tend to increase the potential rental income, albeit the capital costs of property purchase will be higher.

Once the issue of location/accessibility and facilities have been taken into account there are a number of options available in terms of renting, including:

Rental Agency

Property owners outsource the complete rental of their property to a recognised and established Rental Agency that will take full responsibility for the property management, linen supply, advertising, rent administration etc and contract with the owners agreed rates per week depending on the season. In some cases, guaranteed rentals may be contracted whereby the property owner will receive a fixed rental income irrespective of the actual occupancy levels.

Owner rental administered

Rather than contract with a Rental Agency, many property owners undertake the advertising, rental administration and organise appropriate property management arrangements. Whilst this obviously involves more hassle and initial outlay (eg advertising/property management), it gives owners a greater control over the periods rented out and the potential renters, allied to higher levels of rent income, albeit offset by lower occupancy levels.

High/Peak season rental

This arrangement can be a compromise between the Rental Agency and Owner rental with an existing established Owner renter taking on the advertising/rental administration during the high/peak seasons with agreed commissions for rental income achieved. The property owners make suitable property management arrangements during both the rental season and close season. This arrangement enables property owners to use and enjoy the facilities during the off season and which helps to minimise wear and tear on the property during the year.

Cielo Villas will be happy to discuss arrangements on the High/Peak season rental basis with potential property purchasers.

Should you be interested in acquiring your 'heavenly home' please contact Anthea Campbell at 028 9145 5178 for further information - other than the cost of a phone call it costs nothing to enquire!

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